‘I feel a little guilty’: Ex-NFL player on how he ‘should have stopped’ his son’s circumcision

Former NFL linebacker Troy Aikman is the latest to speak out about the botched circumcision procedure performed on his son, who had a medical problem with a urinary tract infection.

The son suffered a rare, life-threatening complication.

“I feel like I should have stopped it,” Aikmen told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Thursday, noting that he has since given the procedure another try.

“There’s a lot of shame attached to this, and I’ve never done it again.

It’s one of those things that you do not feel good about.

You know you should’ve done it differently.”

The NFL Players Association has not responded to requests for comment on the controversy.

The incident began when the boy was 4 months old and he received the botched circumcisions, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune.

The boy suffered a urinary infection and had to be hospitalized in June after he became ill.

The Tribune reported that Aikmans family had been told the boy’s medical history would be cleared by his doctors but it was later discovered that the child was not in need of surgery.

“The doctors had been telling him the same thing for months,” Aikenman said.

“They were told it was an incurable disease, and they could do whatever they wanted to do.

And I guess they didn’t do it.

I don’t know.

But they just made it up.

I feel bad for him, but they’re trying to do what they can, and it’s just not good enough.”

The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the pediatrician who performed the circumcises, Dr. Robert J. Dorn, who is now deceased.

The lawsuit alleged that the pediatricians office failed to adequately explain to the family the potential risks of the procedure and failed to perform the procedure correctly.

The family sued for wrongful death and negligence.

“This is not the kind of thing that you’re supposed to go through, but this is a case where I feel a bit of guilt, I guess,” Aikeman said of the botched procedure.

“And I just don’t want my son to have to go this way again.”