What You Need to Know About Metal Spinning Tube: 10mm, 10mm-10mm-20mm, 20mm Metal Tube

Metal spinning tubes are a great way to get creative and add some extra detail to your project.

The 20mm version comes in two colors and can be used for both indoor and outdoor work. 

The 20mm tube will fit most 10mm threaded nuts and bolts and is designed for 10mm and 20mm threaded rods and nuts.

It also has an adapter that will allow you to use any 10mm or 20mm metal tubing that you already have lying around the house. 

I like to start with the 10mm version, but you can easily make your own with the adapters in the gallery below. 

These metal spinning tubes were created by the company Metal Spin.

Metal Spin is a company that makes products like this one, which you can purchase online for around $15. 

You can get a free set of instructions for making the metal spinning tub from Metal Spin. 

If you are looking to get a metal spinning rod for your DIY project, the company offers kits for the 10, 20, and 30mm sizes. 

For outdoor projects, Metal Spin offers 10mm tubing with adapters for both 10mm rods and 20- and 30-mm threaded rod and nuts, which makes for a great solution for people who don’t want to use threaded rods or nuts. 

Here’s how you can use the metal tub paint for your indoor project. 

First, take some of the tub paint that you got in the box and coat it in the paint and then spray it on the surface of your indoor surface. 

Next, spray a thin coat of paint over the tub, and then paint another thin coat on top. 

Once you have the tub painted with the paint, it’s time to put on the metal tube. 

To make the metal tubes, I use a 10mm rod and threaded nut that I already have on hand, but if you don’t have a rod or nut with you, you can find these in the metal shop. 

Fill a small paint can with paint and pour it over the top of the tube, and spray it with the metal paint. 

Repeat for the other end of the rod. 

After you’ve painted the rod and nut with the tub coat, you’re ready to put them on your outdoor surface.

This process takes about 10 minutes, but I usually finish my project around 12 hours later. 

Using the metal tubing, you then need to put the metal rings in place.

I like to use a metal ring for my 20mm ring and a 10- or 20-mm ring for the 30mm ring. 

Before you start, make sure you have a couple of extra 10mm bolts and nuts in the garage, but once you have them, you should be able to secure the metal rods and the tub to your outdoor area without having to worry about getting them loose. 

While it might not look like it, metal rings can actually be used to hold a 10 or 20 rod together for more flexibility. 

Make sure to check out this video of me installing my 20- or 30-inch metal ring on a 10x20x40mm piece of metal. 

This project took me about a month to complete, but it is definitely worth the effort. 

As always, if you have any questions, you’ll love to hear from me on my Instagram, where I post all of my DIY projects and DIY tutorials. 

Thank you to the makers of this DIY project and Metal Spin for creating something that can be done with the tools you already own.

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