How to get metal tubes extruded at home

How to extrude metal tubes using a homemade machine: The DIY metal tube maker article The metal tube manufacturer was founded in 1873 by William M. O’Connor.

O.C. is a man who built a company from the ground up to produce the high-tech tube extruders that were used to make everything from jewelry to steel and aluminum.

O C. was also a pioneer in the production of filament and inkjet printing machines, which is why he’s the inventor of the metal tube, which he invented in 1895.

He says he’s proud to have a product that is both affordable and easy to make.


first introduced his metal tube machine in 1896, and it took a while for other companies to catch on.

The first to produce a tube extruder was the German manufacturer Die Weltfabrik in 1891.

It took a couple more years for other manufacturers to join in, but in 1897 O C.’s company was able to produce its first tube extruding machine.

He would soon expand the business into extruding metal tubes, which became a huge success.

Today, O C is one of the largest tube extruser companies in the world, with sales of about 100,000 tubes a year.

OCC has been producing tube extruded tubes for decades, but now it’s up to the DIY metal tubes maker to build a machine that’s more affordable and makes metal tubes that can be extruded from a wide variety of materials.

Occas first tube printer was the O-1, and O C made it for his wife, who was in high school at the time.

Today it’s a family business that he runs with his wife and son.

The O-11 and O-2 tube extrude from plastic and stainless steel, and the OCC-11 has a high-speed motor that’s able to extrue metal tubes at a rate of about one inch per minute.

The company also makes a metal tube printer that has a much higher-speed motors that can extrude the tubes from a diameter of about 3/16 of an inch.

The new machine is made of a large, stainless steel tube that is 2 feet long and 1 foot wide, and is equipped with a metal frame, which gives it a sleek look and allows the printer to easily transport and transport to and from the shop.

A large amount of the time, O CC also uses a vacuum extruder to produce his tube printers.

The vacuum extruders are a big part of the company’s business, but O C also uses an inkjet printer to produce filament.

Both of these printers are very popular for making tube printers, and in fact the O C tube extrusing machine is so popular that OCC is now selling its tube printer in the U.S. The metal-tube extruder can make up to 10 to 12 metal tubes per hour.

If you want a high quality tube, you can’t go wrong with a plastic tube extruter, but you can find one of these tube extrusive machines on eBay for as low as $250.