‘Porkchop’ actress dies at 73 after an accident

A woman who appeared in the hit TV show Porkchop died in an accident at her home in Louisiana, police said.

The Louisiana State Police said 28-year-old Jessica L. Miller was found unconscious at her residence in a town near Baton Rouge on Saturday.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her husband, Daniel, told The Associated Press on Sunday that she was taken to the hospital in critical condition and her death is being investigated as a suicide.

He said his wife was a hard-working actress and mother of three.

The show was a hit on network TV that ran from 1997 to 2003.

A trailer for the series, titled Porkchops, was released online last year.

A Facebook page dedicated to the show said Miller worked on the series as a series production assistant, and was known for her role as Miss Lillian, a character played by Jessica Lange in the show.

It said she was best known for playing Miss Piggy, a pig on the show that appeared on the small screen.

“She is not only a talented actress and actress-turned-writer, but she is also a hard worker and very dedicated,” the page said.

It said the show’s writers were devastated to learn of her death.