New York City: Trump says he ‘wont say’ his city will be ‘terrified’ of a ‘terrible’ ‘bathroom bill’

The president has declared his city to be “terrified” by a “bathroom law” passed by the California legislature, saying that “if I have to be afraid of a law that is passed by a state legislature, I will be.”

“I don’t want to live in fear.

That’s what we are doing, but if I have an obligation, I have a duty to be able to protect my city and my state,” Trump told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos in an interview airing Sunday.”

I’m not going to let anybody say that we are not scared,” Trump said.”

If we don’t have a country, we are going to be in big trouble.”

He also vowed that he would be “happy” if California or other states were to pass “bathrooms bills” that allow transgender people to use public restrooms based on their gender identity, instead of based on gender identity alone.

“When they come to me and they are in a bathroom, I’m not afraid of them.

I’m going to say, ‘Hey, you want to come in?’

I’m gonna say, if you want a bathroom,” Trump declared.

“But if they want to use a ladies room, I’ll say, do it.

If they want a boys room, do the same.

If I have one, I want it to be a very nice, quiet, comfortable, safe space.

And I’m sure it will be very easy.”

The president made his remarks during a question-and-answer session with ABC News during a roundtable discussion of his agenda for the next few weeks.

He also took a shot at Democratic leaders who have sought to “scare” him by suggesting he is “a big baby.”

“There is a difference between a baby that wants to be scared, and somebody who wants to scare,” Trump explained.

“You know, when I hear that they’re scared, I say, look, I get scared, but I get along fine.

I understand that. “

And I say I get it.

I understand that.

And so they say he’s a baby.”

Trump added that he had not heard from his chief of staff, Reince Priebus, about the transgender bathroom bill.

“Reince is fine,” Trump insisted.

“He’s fine.

I know he’s working.

I’ve been saying it all along.

He is fine.”

Trump also defended the decision to use his Twitter account to announce that the Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in the case, in which transgender people are seeking a lower court ruling that states that a man’s penis is a woman’s womb.

Trump said he is not going after the case because he doesn,t want to waste time on the case.

“We are going for a decision that is right and will be the right decision.

We are going after it,” he said, adding that he believes “it’s a big deal.””

We have a great case and I think it will ultimately go to the Supreme [Court], but it’s not going for me,” he continued.”

It’s going to go for the Supreme, but it will go for a great decision.”

In the interview, Trump also said that the fight over the Affordable Care Act was “over” because of the Supreme court ruling, adding “we are going in the right direction.”

“If the court has it right, you’re going to have a better health care system than we have right now,” Trump concluded.

“You’re going see people that are going into hospitals.

You’re going into clinics.

You can see people in their 70s and 80s.

You have the first lady in the White House, the first woman in the Oval Office, a beautiful woman.”

Trump’s comments come amid renewed pressure from the Democratic establishment and even from some Republicans to address the issue of transgender people.

“Donald Trump is wrong, and he is wrong on the bathroom issue,” Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the top House Democrat, said in a statement Sunday.

“We should be working to ensure that transgender Americans have the protections they need to live their lives in dignity and safety.”

The transgender community is a highly visible group, with many people coming out in the media, and some coming forward to report harassment and bullying in the transgender community.

In October, the Supreme Judicial Court issued an opinion on whether the federal government can prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

The court ruled that a provision of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that protects people from sex discrimination violated the Constitution when it prohibits discrimination based on a person’s “sex.”

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