What the Metal Tube Egypt Tube Chair Is Made Of: An Exhaust Gas Detector

The metal tube chair has a plastic base that’s used to attach to the metal tube to simulate a tube.

It’s the latest product from the Israeli startup, MetalTube.

The idea for the chair was born out of a fear of getting in and out of the house when a large truck came by and the windows rolled down.

That’s when the idea of a metal tube came to mind.

MetalTube’s founder, Yehuda Shaul, told Wired that they wanted to use the chair’s unique shape to create a product that people would love.

The company has since launched a crowdfunding campaign, but they’re still hoping to raise enough money to make the product.

The metal tube is designed to be able to take a lot of pressure and can be moved and pushed around.

The chair is a little bit smaller than a standard chair, so it can sit in one spot or be moved up and down.

The chair has four different functions: it can be used as a tabletop for a family, it can hold a laptop, it has a place to sleep and it can move up and back.

The seat is actually removable so you can adjust the chair for different heights.

Metal tube chair from MetalTube, designed by Yehudah Shaul and Ben Meissner, at the startup’s crowdfunding campaign in May 2017.

Source: Wired