Steel, plastic and metal baby tubs get new looks

The New York Islanders have unveiled a new look for their metal baby and steel baby tub accessories, a look that includes metal tubing, plastic, metal baby tubes, and a metal bake tub.

The look debuted at the 2016 NHL Draft, and includes plastic tubs, metal bake cups, and an additional metal baby tubing.

Islanders coach John Tavares called the tubs “unique, exciting, and fun.”

The New York Rangers have announced a similar look, which includes plastic and aluminum baby tub bags, metal bucket baskets, and plastic baby baskets.

In a video posted to Twitter by a Rangers fan, a woman who identified herself as an employee of the team shared a picture of the new baby tub accessory.

The woman told ESPN that the team had the same look as the Islanders and Rangers, adding that the look was something that she had been waiting for.

The new baby bath tub looks like something the team would have worn on the ice, the person said.

The tubs will be available to preorder through the team’s website and online stores starting Wednesday, January 6.