Metal kegtub on sale for $40,000

A metal kegerator has arrived in the city, but the city is looking to the future.

The metal kegs, which are designed to hold 2.4 liters of beer and are also intended for home brewing, have been spotted by the owners of a business called The Brew Shack.

The business, located at 439-41 Broadway in New York City, has been in business since December and has a two-story metal kegging unit with a capacity of up to 2.8 liters.

“It’s not the largest unit, but it is big enough,” owner Brian Lehrman said.

“And it’s just really good quality beer.”

Lehrman, who is also a certified beer taster, says he’s been brewing beer for about a year and has been using the metal kegers for their home brew beer for the past few months.

“I thought, wow, I should probably try to make a couple of them,” Lehrmann said.

But the owner is also looking to add a kegeration system, a storage space for beer bottles, and a cooler to keep it cool in the winter months.

He says it is all part of the plan to expand the business and has received support from the city and the New York State Beer Examiners Association.

The owners plan to install a sign and signboard in front of their building that reads “We brew our beer here.”

The Brew Shack is located at 44 East 40th Street, New York, and the owners say they plan to start brewing by the end of March.

“We’ve got two of the best kegs on the planet right now,” Lehm said.