The new Rs 50,000-rated small metal tube lamp in India

The world’s biggest and most expensive metal tube (MMT) lamp has been launched by the Indian Government at the National Motor Museum in New Delhi.

The new metal tube was developed by Tata Motors, which will manufacture over 50,00 MMTs in India.

The lamp is being marketed as a replacement for standard LED bulbs which is now sold in over 20 countries around the world.

The lamp has an output of 3 watts.

It is rated at 6 volts.

The metal tube is made from copper, which emits heat and can be used for heat-resistant lamps.

It emits light of 6 lumens (litre-candles) at 6,500 lux (the equivalent of 3,000 candles).

The light is also able to heat up to 60 degrees Celsius.

The MMT is a relatively small tube lamp.

It can be fitted on any vehicle, even a car.

Its capacity can be increased by adding a battery pack, which adds up to around 300 lumens.

The government is keen to use the MMT to replace other bulbs that have already been used in vehicles, particularly those that emit too much heat.

The MMT will also be used to replace older lamps in passenger cars, which emit high amounts of heat.

This is not the first time the government has used MMT lamps.

In October last year, the government unveiled a new light bulb called the “Brahmin lamp”.

The lamp is not just a new item for the MRT system, but will also have a role in the new lighting system being rolled out.

The light bulb is powered by an inverter which turns on a generator that powers the lamp.

The lamps are not new in India either.

In March, the Indian Railways started offering a range of MMT bulbs, and the government is also considering a range to replace its existing bulbs.

The Government’s aim is to replace all the existing light bulbs by 2027.

The bulbs are manufactured at the Tata Motors factory in Jalgaon, and are meant to replace existing lightbulbs that are sold in the country.

The Tata Motors plant is located on the outskirts of the city of Jalgaons capital city, New Delhi, and has more than 3,500 employees.