Metal tub big sells for $9,000 at eBay

Metal tubs are becoming more and more popular as a form of storage for smaller items.

This is especially true for larger items such as bags, purses and other smaller items, as well as things like keys, watches, and other household items.

However, there are some things that a metal tub can’t store as well, and these include jewelry, watches and other electronic gadgets, and even some electronic accessories.

Metal tub buying has been growing, with the largest metal tub seller, Freestanding Metal Tub, selling for over $9000 on eBay, according to the company’s listing.

Freestanding was founded in 2005 by David “Kris” Krasny, who previously worked at eBay and other online retailers.

The company’s website lists over 3,000 metal tubs and other accessories on its website, including a $9.95 metal tub that holds a $3,000 electronic watch and a $20.95 ceramic water bottle.

The metal tub is the first to come with a dedicated back panel for the watch, and the price is good enough to warrant a full review.

The metal tub has a wide range of sizes and colors, and you can also choose from multiple colors, such as silver, black, white, pink and orange, and there are also options for metal tub accessories, such a leather strap, an embroidered belt or even a water bottle holder.

You can also get a steel or brass steel tub.

Freiestanding’s metal tub comes in various finishes including matte, black and white, and a range of finishes also comes in a steel steel and a titanium steel.

This metal tub offers storage space for up to two to four items, but the only items you can buy are the watch and water bottle, and it also comes with a lock and the storage space.

The steel steel is the only option for the water bottle storage.

You can also buy a stainless steel tub for $12.99 on Freestanded’s website, and this one can hold up to six watches, two water bottles and a watch.

This stainless steel metal tub also comes equipped with a storage lock and a protective lid, but you can’t buy a watch with it.

The stainless steel steel tub is also available in the $15.95 white steel, which is available in either matte or black, and is available to buy in the stainless steel, titanium steel, or stainless steel.

The stainless steel stainless steel is also an option for smaller pieces, such bags, wallets, pursues, and more.

The $13.95 stainless steel gold stainless steel option can hold four to eight items, and its price is a good price for storage space if you have a lot of other items to store.

The aluminum stainless steel can also hold a few items at a time, and that option is a nice alternative to metal tub storage if you are storing things in plastic bags.

You may also be able to get this option for a metal watch or a watch accessory if you purchase it with a metal accessory case, which allows you to store more of your items.

This metal tub was reviewed for the following items:Ammo storage for a watch and accessories.

Ammobox storage for watches, jewelry, keys, watch batteries, watches (if you are carrying multiple watches), or watch batteries.

Bag storage for jewelry, wallets and purses.

Camera storage for electronic gadgets.

Auxiliary storage for smart phones, smartwatches, and similar devices.

Awning storage for items that need to be hidden away.

Cool storage for small items like watches, watches batteries, watch cases, and watches (unless you want to buy a metal band, but this is not a case in which you should.)

Metal Tub Buying Tips:A metal tub should only hold three to five items at the most, but there are other options that can help you store more.

If you’re looking for a good storage option, check out Freestandering Metal Tub for a few of the other options listed on the site.

If that’s not enough, Freestering Metal Tub also offers a metal storage bag, and they also sell a stainless metal storage box.

They also offer an accessory case for a stainless, titanium, or brass metal storage tub.

Freestands metal storage container is the perfect way to store your metal items for quick, secure storage, and their accessories are very well-made.