Trump to announce steel tubes for aluminum tube cover

President Donald Trump is set to announce new aluminum tubes that will be used to manufacture aluminum tube covers for aluminum, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The aluminum tubes will be the first of their kind for aluminum tubes.

The metal tubes are typically made of steel but the new tubes will use the new aluminum that’s in the aluminum.

They are designed to withstand harsh conditions, such as extreme cold, and they’ll be lighter than existing tubes made of aluminum.

Trump has said aluminum tubes are the perfect material for a tube cover because they are lightweight and they don’t require assembly.

Trump is set at a meeting Friday with steel manufacturer Corning, the company that makes the aluminum tubes, to discuss the new product, according the sources.

Trump is also expected to discuss aluminum tube availability at the upcoming APEC trade show in Vietnam, which starts Friday.

Trump, who has been a major advocate for the aluminum tube, is already making announcements on aluminum tubes and other topics during his visit to the White House.

He has also made comments on aluminum, including suggesting that aluminum tubes might someday replace steel tube covers.