How to make a tubo guitar

I know you’ve probably already been to one of these shows, but if you haven’t, I can’t imagine why you haven´t. 

The metal band, known for their heavy, catchy music, has a reputation for having a unique style of playing. 

Tomboy metal fans, for example, might find this album of covers to be their favorite metal album. 

For me, the one I am most fond of is the Tomboy Metalica album from 2002, which features an album cover by drummer Alex Molnar. 

In this cover, Molnars famous tomboy-esque haircut is displayed, and it´s pretty damn cool. 

I love that Molnaris style is so distinctive, especially when compared to the more mainstream metal music out there. 

Molnar was one of the few metal drummers to have a real sense of style and he showed it by having a style of his own. 

He has an incredibly deep and intricate drum kit, and he’s definitely one of my favorite drummers. 

With that in mind, I was thrilled to see Molnarrs Tomboy metalica album cover. 

It was a bit of a shock when I saw the cover, but when I opened up the album, I noticed that he had added a couple of additional tracks to the mix. 

This would have been fine for me if he hadn´t done so, but I think it was a very cool touch. 

That’s one of those things that I don’t really mind adding to the music, but for someone like me who likes to play a little more classical and modern, Tomboy was an absolute delight to play. 

You might even consider picking this up as a bonus if you want to hear a more modern take on the band. 

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