How to make your own telescopic metal tube

The first thing you’ll want to do is take the tube out of the package.

You can get one at a hardware store for about $20, or from the Tube Depot.

The metal tube is made of 1.5mm aluminum and has a rubber backing to prevent it from cracking.

You’ll also want to cut a piece of metal tubing into a 1.25mm diameter tube.

To get the plastic tube out, simply cut it off and stick it into the plastic tub spouts.

Once you have the metal tube out you can cut another piece of tubing to make the metal stem of the telescopic tube.

Once the tube is out of its packaging, it’s time to put the tube back into the box.

Take a look at the photos below to see how I did it.

To remove the metal tub spouting from the tube, simply slide it off the metal spout.

If you’re going to be using the telescoping tube as a scarf tube, you’ll need to put it back in the tube.

The tube has a metal stem and a rubber back that will prevent it cracking and breaking.

You may want to trim the metal tubing to a length that’s shorter than the tube diameter.

Then take a piece with a small diameter and cut it into a length of tubing that’s longer than the diameter of the tube and then put the plastic tubing back into its packaging.

The telescopic telescoping scarf tube is an excellent addition to any home or school gift shop, and you can order it directly from Tube Depot on Amazon.